Research Links

  • KYVL
  • America's Library - The Library of Congress puts the story back in history through images of primary source documents, prints, photographs, maps, recordings and other materials from the past.

Research and Tools

  • Delicious is a social bookmarking tool.  It allows users to create bookmark lists and share them with others.  Students could utilize this tool to create a list of bookmarks to share with other students when collaborating on a project.  They could also create a list to share with a teacher before beginning a research project

  • Diigo is a free tool that includes an add-on for your internet browser.  It allows the user to not only create lists of links and share them, but they can also place sticky notes on the page, highlight, make notes and clip photos.  The link is saved on the user’s Diigo page, and when they bring it back up, it has all of its notes, highlights, etc. still there.

  • OneNote is a product by Microsoft that is installed on every work station at Ockerman Middle.  Click this link to view a short video on how to use it to do research.

Citations and Plagiarism

Presentation Tools

  • Glogster can be used to demonstrate research, do a book report, give a presentation, explore a topic, and many other applications.  A glog is an online multimedia ‘poster’ designed to advertise, share information, teach and express creativity.  It is meant to provide a platform from which students can creatively relay information on topics they are researching.
  • Podomatic is an online tool that allows users to record a podcast, add a photo, add music, add tags, and designate the podcast as “explicit” or “clean.”  After the podcast is recorded the user has the opportunity to listen to it and then, if they choose, share it.  If it is made public, other users can listen to it and leave comments. 
  • Prezi is a next-generation presentation tool.  Users can sign up for a free account.  With Prezi, a user can add photos, text and videos to the presentation.  Unlike more linear tools like PowerPoint, Prezi allows users to place material wherever they want on the ‘stage’ area, and then use the Path tool to navigate the viewer from one place to the next.  Click here to see an overview.
  • is a tool through which you can build a web page to share your research.
  • Wikispaces can be used to allow students to work collaboratively on just about any content area.  Wikis can be a great place to compile research about a topic and share it with others.  Students familiar with Wikipedia will quickly pick up on the scope of the projects that are done using a wikispace