Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Support for Classroom Instruction

In the media center we can perform many different tasks to support what is going on in your classroom:

  • We can pull books on a given research topic and put them on reserve for your class.

  • We can create a 'pathway' for research for your students.  A pathway (or "path") is a specific set of online resources from which you would like your students to draw in order to learn more about a topic or conduct research.  This is ideal for any student, but especially helpful for younger researchers (like 6th graders) or emerging researchers (like special needs students).

  • We can help you plan a lesson using the books or technology that is available in the media center.  We can also help with ideas and resources for gifted learners as well as special needs learners.

  • We can co-teach a lesson with you on research, ethics, note-taking, organization, evaluating web resources, plagiarism, Kentucky Virtual Library, copyright, digital citizenship, online safety, using search engines effectively and various Web 2.0 tools.

  • If you are working on a unit and several students have tested out of the unit or are identified gifted, consider providing an alternative learning activity.  Involve us in planning it or facilitating it, and you can send students to the library during your class period, where they can work indepently or with guidance from the media specialist.

  • If you are working on a project that requires use of computer or just different spaces for groups of students to work together, consider bringing them to the library where we can help accommodate almost any configuration you deem productive for learning.

  • We have many class sets of books that are available for checkout for your classroom.  Refer to this list for more information.

Let Us Come to You!

We welcome the opportunity to visit your classroom and present talks on books that might be of interest to your students.  We can focus on a specific topic that you are currently studying, or focus on a specific genre of literature like dystopian fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, etc.

Staff Development and Support

  • If you would like to learn a new technology, reserve some time with the media specialist to help you explore how to use and how to integrate it into your classroom.

  • We have a small professional library in the media center office with books on various topics in education. 

  • If there is a book on education that you might like to read or would like to have access to, and you think it would make a good addition to our professional library, please let us know as we may have funds to purchase it for the staff to use.

  • Throughout the year, we will try to offer professional development opportunities after school to bring new technologies into your classroom.

Services and Equipment for Teachers

Services for Teachers

  • Silhouette Printer (similar to a Cricut): media specialist can use this to cut intricate designs for displays for teachers.

  • Laminating: media specialist can laminate materials for teacher displays.

  • Scanning: media specialist, teacher or student aide can scan photos and other items for teachers.  This service is more for scanning images that need to be clearer than the scanner on our copier machines, or if it needs to be in color.

  • Binding: media specialist can bind materials for teachers.  Teachers need to provide their own binding combs (click here for a link to Office Depot's binding combs).

  • CD Copying: media specialist can create CDs for the classroom.  If you need more than one or two CDs made, please provide CDs.

  • VHS-to-DVD: media specialist can take VHS tapes and digitalize them onto a DVD for teachers.

Equipment for Teachers

  • Accucut Letter Press: teachers or a student aide may use the press to cut out letters for bulletin boards.  Teachers should supply their own paper for this.

  • Poster printer:  teachers or media specialist can print large full-color posters.  Cost is $12 per poster.  Teachers can email the design to us in a PDF file, or design the poster using the software on the machine and then have us print it.

  • Digital camera

  • Flip camera: teachers can check out a flip camera to record short videos of classroom activities.  We also have a cheaper camera for use by students in the building.

  • Front Row Speaker: teachers can check this equipment out for guest speakers or for lessons they wish to video tape.  It comes with a large speaker to project voice and a wireless microphone.

  • Document camera

  • Student Response System (clickers): teachers have two models to choose from, TurningPoint and Qwizdom alphanumeric clickers.